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Mentoring / Coaching

You are in sales and keep getting average results but don’t know why.
You are a manager and find yourself saying “Why aren’t we producing more?”
You or your team have been trained on all the latest sales tactics and scripts but still not getting great results.

If any one of these describes you – you are in the right place.

The majority of my clients in sales experience the following:

  • Making ‘just’ enough to survive
  • Learning more and more strategies that don’t seem to make a difference
  • Frustrated as to why they can close more
  • Selling the benefits and features but still feeling like they have to work hard to sell
  • Procrastination

The majority of my clients in management positions experience the following:

  • Creating procedures and processes to support their team but things slow down instead
  • Educating their team on the features and benefits but very little changes in their sales results
  • A team of complainers
  • High turnover of their top performers
  • They sell the financial rewards of producing well but that doesn’t seem to kick the team into high gear

In building several multimillion dollar companies, I have learned that the keys to leading optimal teams and being a high performer are to:

  • Have a clear vision and the right priorities in place to get buy-in
  • Go beyond just ‘getting by’ and really tap into their purpose
  • Communicate the value to the prospect without having to do the list of benefits and features
  • Remove all negative beliefs associated with selling
  • Understand how to listen and connect with potential buyers
  • And much more

I deliver training sessions and consulting services to individuals and groups. Over my 23 years in the industry I have worked in a variety of industries including real estate, financial, clothing/manufacturing, network marketing and more.


Speaking Topics

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Signature Keynote: How to Achieve Transformational Change in Your Life and Career

This will be a special session which helps participants create real transformational change in their life/career with real action steps in order to achieve those goals. Among the many things covered, there is a focus on learning the three steps to live the life of your dreams by discovering individual beliefs and influences and how to reframe negative thoughts to turn feelings into actions. This special 15 to 45 min talk will give participants the knowledge and skills they need to Set and Achieve any goal in life/career.

Participants will:

  • Learn to find purpose and become unstoppable
  • Design the life you want to live
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles in your life
  • Keynotes: 30 min to 3 hrs
  • Interactive Workshops and Training Sessions: 2 hrs to 2 days
  • We will customize the talk to maximize benefit for your group

The Eagle Advantage: Soar your sales from just surviving to top performance

Getting average results keeps a salesperson at status quo because it is more comfortable to stay there than to take the risk to think outside the box and rise up. Eagles are willing to explore the unknown, create a clear vision and stay focused on their priorities. In this illuminating talk, the audience will learn how to activate an eagle mindset so they can be a top producer and increase their sales significantly.

The Eagle’s Eye: Design a vision your team will execute with enthusiasm (for leaders)

Too many details and processes distract a team and causes a loss of productivity. They get overwhelmed which slows them down. Then dysfunction happens, execution fails and lower results occur. In this high impact talk, the audience will learn the 3 keys to creating a game plan that the entire team is excited about as well as how to activate their team to deliver excellence.

Speaking to Youth

The Cuadra Youth Foundation is pleased to offer School Presentations, Off-site Workshops and Conferences on the following subject matters:

  • Personal Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public Speaking
  • Financial Literacy

Alfonso’s extraordinary ability to connect with teens and present to junior high schools, high schools, nonprofits and student leadership conferences is unmatched. He has the experience, talent and versatility to work with you to tailor presentations to the exact needs of your audience. He will take you on an emotional journey. He’s the youth speaker for your school; with a real message.

Please click here for additional information about the Cuadra Youth Foundation.

Previous Clients Include:

YouCan ● National Bank Canada ● OREIO ● Keyspire ● OCSB ● Best Buddies Conferences ● Invest Ottawa ● CDF Canada
CIPOconnex ● YNPN OTTAWA ● Sales Professionals International ● Shopify ● SPROTT ● Rogers ● GR network

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Books / Products

Alfonso Cuadra is author of the 2012 book titled From The Ground Up!. This book will teach you to design your own success with just three easy steps. Alfonso guides you through the steps to living the life of your dreams, telling his story along the way!

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